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Everything You Need to Outline Your Personal Memoir in 3 Hours (Created by a New York Times Bestselling Author of 8 Books!)

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  • Bonus 1: Even MORE questions to ask yourself to come up with specific scenes
  • Bonus 2: Exclusive video interviews with experts about how to promote your book
  • Bonus 3: Book Release countdown cheat sheet: A checklist for what to do 60 days before your release, 30 days before your release, 3 days before your release, release day and week and post release
  • Bonus 4: Easy Self-Publishing Guide: The simplest how-to you’ll find which covers including a lead magnet in your book, getting a cover designed and launching your book on Amazon
  • Bonus 5: Advanced Reader Team swipe copy: the exact email sequence you need to get your friends and fans reading your book early and reviewing it the day of your release so you can launch as a bestseller with multiple reviews

Welcome to the kit I wish someone had created for me two decades ago!

Are you ready to just get your memoir out of your head and outlined—NOW?

Does the idea of a class or workshop or coaching overwhelm you?

Do you know you could get your book out there if only you had the right format to follow?

If you're saying "But I've already tried to write a memoir," "I'm already writing my memoir" or "I've already taken a writing course" BUT YOU STILL DON'T HAVE A FINISHED DRAFT, then you've landed on the right page.

If you're asking, "How do I know this will work?" here's what I can tell you: it is the EXACT structure I followed to create a New York Times bestselling book and includes everything about the publishing business that I had to learn the hard way OVER A PERIOD OF 20 YEARS.

It WILL work if you work IT.

Here's what you're going to get:

  • Beginning questions to ask yourself so you can crystalize your idea and know exactly the audience you're writing it for
  • One video that breaks down the questions to ask yourself to come up with what scenes to include in which chapter and another video that contains information on everything you need to know about titles, subtitles, disclaimers, dedications, copyright, acknowledgments and more
  • A memoir writing starter kit PDF which contains all the info you need but no one tells you so that you can finally move forward with full confidence that you understand how the publishing process works
  • A document which contains notes for each section of your book so you can have everything ready for publication once you're done and won't have to ask yourself questions like "Wait, do I need a lawyer?" "What's a good title?" "What the hell is an ISBN and how the hell do I get one?" or anything of the sort
  • The ultimate plug-and-play memoir template so you're not just left with a bunch of information and nowhere to go. Yes, you can actually start outlining your book on this template; keep going and you'll have your completed book. It's that simple
  • Access to a private membership group for people who are going through or have gone through the same process...up until now, this has been students I've worked with one-on-one but I'm now opening it up to anyone who nabs this product!

"One of Anna's superpowers is her ability to simplify everything. When you're stuck in the 'how to's,' she has this incredible ability to make it all do-able."

Heidi Le Flemons
Author, Unbroken


How confident am I in this system? If you follow everything in here and it doesn't work, I will give you your money back.


-The 10-page starter kit includes everything you need to ask yourself before you begin as well as information on structure, length, legalities and more
-The notes document contains information on titles, blurbs, copyright/ISBN, disclaimer, Table of Contents, foreword, acknowledgments and all chapters
-The template is a plug-and-play PDF where you can fill in each of the non-writing elements you need and then be prompted to create the right scenes for each of the chapters
-The two videos break down the most important questions to ask yourself for each chapter so you can decide which scenes to include and then all the other elements you need to know about in order to actually publish your book once you've written it

Frequently Asked Questions

It doesn't include coaching but it does include access to a private membership group made up of fellow writers who are either following or have followed this process. 

No. This is a structure and format specifically designed for authors who are planning to write a memoir about overcoming personal struggles and coming out on the other side.

Not at all. There are many structures to follow when it comes to writing a memoir. This is the most effective one I know of for getting people who have been talking about doing a book to actually take action on it.


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