Audio Book Recording

Let us give you a platinum-level experience recording, mastering and launching your audio book


  • Recording in our state-of-the-art recording studio in Hollywood, California

  • An engineer directly outside the sound booth to guide you in person through the recording

  • A sound editor to listen to the audio, locate mistakes and direct you on how to re-record
  • Another engineer to master the sound files and make sure they meet Audible production standards
  • A cover specially designed for audio book specs
  • Guidance through the audio book production process so you don't have to navigate unchartered waters on your own
  • An A-level launch
  • Full promotion through our social media channels (an estimated reach of 750K+ a week)


Frequently Asked Questions

Alas, travel isn't included in our service. But we provide Hollywood-style service once you arrive.

We can help produce your narrated audio book but this is a different service. Please just note this on your form.

While an entire book can be recorded in a day, the recording process can be quite draining and breaks are highly recommended. We suggest spending at least three days in town to give you enough breathing room and rest between sessions. If you're local, you can break the sessions up even more and record over a series of weeks.

No matter how skilled you are at recording, you will inevitably have phrases you fumble and need to re-record. Some of these will be clear during the recording sessions so your engineer can guide you through other takes but others won't be evident until the editor listens. At that point you will need to record small sections. While it's ideal if you can come into our studio for this, we realize that's not always feasible so we will direct you through the process of recording on your own.

There are two strategies here. While there are clear benefits to having all versions of the book available at launch, we have clients who've had great success releasing the audio book up to a year later and this have been able to re-promote the book, in a sense giving it a second launch.

Alas this is not a service we provide. We recommend searching locally for a company that handles recording and launching.


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