Book Marketing Package

Book Marketing Offer includes:

  • 12 targeted podcast bookings over a period of four months
  • Media messaging and pitch strategy consultation, which includes meetings with top publicists to help develop a "hook" based on media trends as well as 10 suggested outlets to pitch to
  • One-on-one media training with Anna David (includes guiding you through coming up with talking points about your book, conducting a pre-"show" interview with you and then providing you with a "script" to familiarize yourself with for the "interview" we conduct, followed by a critique)
  • Maintenance and communication with an Advanced Reader Team so that your book receives multiple reviews on or before its official release day
  • A website for your book
  • 16 social media assets containing your book's cover image and quotations from the book for you to post
  • Direct Messages to all your LinkedIn contacts, Facebook fans and Instagram followers to ask them personally to purchase your book
  • A personalized app for your book available on the Apple store