Launch Pad Coaches

Writing & Publishing Coach Samantha Perkins

Writing and publishing coach Samantha Perkins is the bestselling author of Alive AF: One Mom's Journey to Becoming Alcohol-Free. The founder of an online sober book club and wellness retreat host, she has a BA in Psychology and worked for a decade in community mental health. Using the tools she's acquired from all of those activities, she helps aspiring authors journey into the land of bestsellerdom. 

Writing & Publishing Coach Heidi Le

Writing and publishing coach Heidi Le is the bestselling author of Confessions of the Broken: A Codependent Rock Chick’s Journey from Hopelessness to Healing. She believes that publishing your book will empower you to establish yourself as an expert in your field, and she has done just that. As an author, speaker and singer-songwriter, Heidi has been featured on various podcasts, summits and stages across the country. She has used her book to build her business as a life coach and create a masterclass membership program. Heidi’s superpower is to inspire you to dream big and then empower you to make your dream a reality.

Media Coach Jessie Buttafuoco 

Media coach Jessie Buttafuoco has, whether she liked it or not, been in the media since childhood. 

In addition to appearing on Oprah Winfrey, Ricki Lake, Inside Edition, Dr. Oz and the Howard Stern show, among many others, Jessie has produced videos for popular You Tubers and social media influencers that have reached millions of viewers. She hosts the humorous self-help podcast Live Your Life Kween and has produced, choreographed and directed Broadway-style musicals for children and adults. She helps train authors for readings as well as for TV appearances—so when the networks come calling, they're ready.