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BEGINNING STAGE CONSULTING: Are you overwhelmed by information and just need someone in the know to tell you which direction to go in when it comes to publishing? Do you want to save the years it might take you to try to navigate the publishing world? Do you not know if you should write a proposal and try to sell it to a publisher or write and publish it on your own, not to mention what steps to take in each of those situations? This consulting is exclusively offered by Anna David.

MID-STAGE CONSULTING: Need a proposal written or have a book that needs editing? Want professional feedback on your completed book? Our team of writers and editors can jump in and provide insight as well as start and/or finish the project for you.

LATER-STAGE CONSULTING: Do you have a finished book but aren't sure what to do next? Do you want to know what editors you need and how to find them? Are you wondering if you should try to design a cover on your own, grab one from a freebie website or hire a professional? Do you not know how to launch a book on Amazon, let alone make it available on Barnes & Noble and Target? Are you thinking you want to do an audio book but don't know how that works? Do you want to make your finished book a bestseller but have no idea how? This type of coaching is for you. After your call, your coach will send you a plan for how you can proceed with your project.

WRITING COACH: Want to write your book yourself but have someone cheering you on and offering you feedback along the way? A Launch Pad writing coach will be your own personal sherpa as you finally fulfill your book writing dream.

6-MONTH PERSONALIZED COACHING PROGRAM: You are assigned a Launch Pad team member who will read and provide feedback by phone every two weeks for six months. You will also receive free enrollment in all Launch Pad curriculum; Inner Circle membership; 10% discount for any Launch Pad services purchased after coaching is complete and access to Anna David by email for the entire contract period (all emails to be answered within one day of receipt).


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