• An initial consultation call with a member of our team, followed by the delivery of a thorough outline and map for the book
  • As many meetings or calls as needed with your personal author until your book is complete, followed by a second draft to implement your notes
  • Developmental edit by an experienced developmental editor
  • Copy edit/proof read by an experienced copy editor
  • Front and back covers (for e-book, paperback and hardcover)
  • Print ready e-book and layout design which includes .mobi file & PDF
  • Book description and Author bio
  • Distribution through Amazon and creation of Amazon Author’s Page 
  • Personal ISBNs/bar codes for paperback and ebook
  • Behind-the-scenes Amazon digital support to include the book in 10 categories instead of the 2 that Amazon asks for and keywords specifically designed to make the book a bestseller
  • Free enrollment in our entire online curriculum
  • Blurb examples as well as templates for blurb requests
  • Sample acknowledgments, pre-launch checklists & post-release promo packs
  • Pitch letter templates for podcast bookings


  • Ingram page set up so book can be available from Barnes & Noble, Target, Walmart and more
  • Full promotion through our social media channels (an estimated reach of 750K+ a week)
  • Consultation throughout the process on all aspects of book writing, editing, publishing and marketing by bestselling authors who have worked behind the scenes in traditional publishing
  • An Advanced Reader Team manager who will reach out to your contacts with a copy of the book a month before release and guide them through posting reviews so that the book will be a #1 bestseller in multiple categories and the Amazon algorithm will start recommending the book to customers who bought similar books
  • 50 paperback copies of your book printed and shipped to you (you can then purchase additional copies directly from the printer)
  • Your book published under the Launch Pad imprint
  • You and your book featured on a Launch Pad podcast episode devoted to you as well as book excerpts published on our Medium publication


  • Book news release distribution to 6000+ newspapers, print magazines and broadcast outlets as well as major wire services like AP and Reuters and aggregators like Google News and LexisNexis
  • Consultation on how to get companies to bulk order copies of your book and have you come speak
  • Media messaging and pitch strategy consultation, which includes meetings with top publicists to help develop a "hook" based on media trends as well as 10 suggested outlets to pitch to
  • A media training pack designed to prep you for this sort of appearance

Frequently Asked Questions

While we can help you write a proposal, we also always want to make it clear to clients that finding an agent is a notoriously difficult process and once you do, you have to wait for the agent to submit the book proposal to publishing houses. And the reality is that having one of those publishers acquire your book is an even more notoriously difficult process than landing an agent.

If you do sell your proposal and want help with the writing, you have the option of hiring a ghost writer but publishers can demand that you work with a ghost writer who charges upwards of $100,000—a serious investment considering the fact that most books don't earn out their advances

The process can also take quite a while...the wait between having a publisher acquire your book and having it come out is usually roughly a year-and-a-half.

Don't get us wrong! There are serious advantages of selling a book to a traditional publisher (that's why we started our careers this way)! Some of those advantages include: serious prestige, no upfront costs and the opportunity to get your book in stores, to name a few.

Still, it's important to know that most books that make it into stores only stay there about a month. And the reality is that publishers don't really do anything to push books—unless you’re Stephen King, JK Rowling or another lead author...that is, someone who doesn’t need the push.

It's up to you to weigh the pros and cons.

And like we said, we can help if you choose to go the traditional route!


That's what we're here for. We're a team of bestselling authors who have both worked behind the scenes for publishers like HarperCollins and St. Martin's and been published them. We've overseen the writing and publishing hundreds of books and promise that you won't waste any time on a book that doesn't have a compelling idea and structure because we're going to help you craft it until it does.

You're the only you that exists. That's sort of like asking: is it worth existing if there are too many people like me out there? There are hundreds, if not thousands, of books on certain topics out there. And yet new books on those topics become bestsellers every day. You are the only one who can tell your story.

We will not stop working on this book until you love it. We're not happy until you are.

You will both have the byline and own the rights. If you'd like to officially credit your co-author for credibility, you can but that is entirely up to you.

We can help! Not only do we offer launch packages but we can also connect you with publicists, bookers, brand builders and marketers who can help make sure your book finds an audience...and your audience finds you. 

We put your book in the Ingram catalogue, which is where book stores order their books. In addition to Amazon, we can make your book available on Barnes & Noble, Walmart and Target, among other retailers.

It's both. Once we put your book on Amazon, people can order the ebook or paperback. Amazon now prints on demand so they fulfill and ship all orders. We can also arrange for you to get bulk orders of your book at a discount from our printer.

While we only offer paperback services, we can connect you to a printer that does hard cover.

We do! Let us know if you'd like our audio add-on and we can get that set up.

This is really for you to determine. We recommend looking at it this way: how much is it costing you not to do a book, in terms of losing potential clients, speaking jobs and better business opportunities? Weigh this out and you'll have your answer.


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