Let us take the work you've already done and make it into a book.

Have someone on our team make your podcast episodes, newsletters or blog posts into a publishable book.

Have you already created a crazy amount of content—in the form of newsletters, blogs, social media posts, courses, videos, podcasts or any combination thereof?

We're here help you take what you’ve already got and make it into a book.

You’ll work one-on-one with us to create a manuscript out of work you’ve already done; all we ask is that you have your content already compiled in word form (for example, a series of emails in a Google Drive folder, podcasts/videos transcribed or social posts gathered on a single document) so we don’t have to go on a treasure hunt!

(Download Joe Polish’s Life Gives to the Giver to see an example of books we've previously created out of pre-existing content.)

"Using emails and posts I had already written, Anna and her team crafted a full-length manuscript, quickly delivering to me an amazing book with a beautiful cover, layout and message. I literally ‘wrote’ a book without having to write a new word and now I have an ideal calling card that perfectly encompasses all my most important beliefs."

Joe Polish
Creator, Genius Network

Frequently Asked Questions

You or one of your team members will gather all the pre-existing material you'd like compiled in a book, whether it's a series of emails, social media posts, podcasts or videos (all audio and video must be transcribed and clean). Through consultation and one-on-one work, we will help you determine themes and divide it into a full-length book.

You should have enough for at least 100 pages worth of material. If you send lengthy newsletters every week, that could be a year's worth of those emails. If you blog every month, it might a few years worth of material. If you have a bi-weekly podcast, it could just be a few months worth. It is up to you to determine what and how much of your IP to include.

You absolutely can. We offer this service but you are under no obligation to hire us.


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