Publisher Anna David

Anna David is the New York Times bestselling author of eight books. She’s been published in The New York Times, Time and The LA Times, among many others, and has appeared repeatedly on The Today Show, The TalkThe CBS Morning Show and dozens of other programs. She’s been a featured speaker at three different TedX events, she's been written about in The Huffington Post, Entreprenuer, Forbes and Martha Stewart Living, among many other publications..

Writer/Editor Ryan Aliapoulios

Ryan Aliapoulios is a freelance writer and editor with more than 10 years of experience.

He has written for Michigan Movie Magazine, After Party Magazine and Shareably and has worked with Cobalt Films to write, produce and edit mini-documentaries covering unique human interest stories from around the world. 

A graduate of the University of Michigan, he currently lives in Los Angeles.

Writer/Editor Becky Sasso

Becky Sasso is a professional editor with more than a decade of experience in publishing, nonprofits and higher education. 

She worked as a writer and editor at Narcotics Anonymous, Inc and has written, co-authored and edited numerous books, informational pamphlets and marketing materials. Sasso has a Master of Arts with a dual concentration in Digital Communication and Public Relations from Johns Hopkins University. 

Writer/Editor Natasha Vargas- Cooper

Natasha Vargas-Cooper's work has appeared in a wide range of publications including The AtlanticThe New York TimesGQThe Wall Street JournalBookforumNew YorkThe Guardian, and The New Statesman. Her book, Mad Men Unbuttoned: A Romp Through America of the 60's, was published by Harper Collins in 2010.

Project Manager Kaitlin Anthony

Kaitlin Anthony is a coach, lifestyle blogger and the founder of The BEAM Life, a podcast and company dedicated to empowering women and helping them live purpose-driven lives.  

As a Launch Pad project manager, she walks clients through every aspect of their paths to publication.

Audio Engineer/Project Manager Michael Cisterna

Michael Cisterna is an audio engineer with over a decade's worth of experience in the entertainment industry. 
Michael graduated with an HBA in Media Studies and Popular Music Studies at Western University in London, Canada as well as an Associate of Arts from Musicians Institute in Los Angeles.  

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