Joe Polish, author of Life Gives to the Giver

"Using emails and posts I had already written, Anna and her team crafted a full-length manuscript, quickly delivering to me an amazing book with a beautiful cover, layout and message. I literally ‘wrote’ a book without having to write a new word and now I have an ideal calling card that perfectly encompasses all my most important beliefs."

Matt George, author of Non Profit Game Plan

"Anna and her team care about the business and also care about you. It was so enjoyable working with Launch Pad. If I ever had an issue she took care of it. Customer service is top of mind. The quality of experts on Anna’s team is also impressive. I could not have had a better experience."

Emily Redondo

"Launch Pad uses years of expertise to bring out the best writer in anyone. With simple to follow guidance and encouragement through the entire process, the book I've always wanted to write has come to life better than I ever dreamed possible."

Samantha Perkins

"Prior to working with Launch Pad, writing a book was just a fantasy. This has given me the framework, tools, and a step by step process to turn my fantasy into reality. I am so thankful that I chose to work with Launch Pad."

Jenna Hutt

"Doesn’t everyone want to write a book and never does it? Launch Pad makes it possible and is an amazing resource. I’m amazed with what I have accomplished since I signed up. I would never have gotten this far on my own, and it's actually enjoyable!"

Erin Ranta

"Working with Launch Pad has been (and continues to be) such a rewarding experience. I am a novice in the world of writing and publishing and I have learned so much in a way that is not intimidating but just simply inspiring."

Darren Prince, #1 bestselling author of Aiming High: How a Prominent Sports Agent Hit Bottom at the Top

"Within weeks of the book coming out, I was able to get a get $100,000-a-year spokesperson gig. It’s also helped my company because it shows every corporate client who I am and that I’m proud of my journey. It humanizes me so much and transforms a business conversation into a personal one."

Tim Conn, #1 bestselling author of No New Ideas: Everything You Need to Know
 About Starting a Successful Franchise

"WOW! I’m a published author, and it wouldn’t have been possible without Anna David and her team. What an amazing experience from start to finish. I couldn’t have asked for a smoother process; the team is nothing but professional and I have them to thank for taking the dream of a book to a reality. If I hadn’t trusted them to work with me on this project, it may have never been completed. If you’ve ever thought about writing a book but didn’t know where to start, I would strongly recommend contacting Launch Pad and letting them show you the way."

Gene Moran, #1 bestselling author of Pitching the Big Top: How to Master the Three-Ring Circus of Federal Sales

“Anna David and her global team of experts brought my manuscript to life in a matter of days. Coordinating an inspired team with a well orchestrated methodology, Launch Pad was the key ingredient to getting me published in winning style."


Emily Bernard, author of Black Is the Body: Stories From My Grandmother's Time & Mine

"I had no idea what it really took to put myself on the map as an author until I connected with Anna David. I learned that I had more control than I thought I did when it came to how big of an audience my book could reach. My book is now in its second printing and is going to be reviewed in O magazine."

Ryan Hampton, author of American Fix: Inside the Opioid Addiction Crisis—and How to End It

"There’s a reason Anna David was one of the first people I reached out to when I was first starting out and knew I needed an audience if I wanted to reach my goals.”

Jessie Monreal Rose, Thought Catalog writer and author of the blog and book Won't Stay Down

"There are so many things I would NEVER have known to do, or how to go about accomplishing, or even thinking possible without Anna David. She helped me build my confidence in my ability as well as my faith that there are people out there who will benefit from the things I have to say."


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