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Emily Lynn Paulson, Coach & Creator of the Sober Mom Squad

"The book I did with Launch Pad has been my ultimate calling card. Since it was released, I've been able to get a TED talk, build an online program as well as a coaching business, get on TV shows like The Doctors and into the pages of places like The New York Times. The book gave me legitimacy for all of it."

Gene Moran, President, Capitol Integration

“Anna David and her global team of experts brought my manuscript to life in a matter of days. Coordinating an inspired team with a well orchestrated methodology, Launch Pad was the key ingredient to getting me published in winning style."

Matt George, CEO, Children's Home of Illinois

"Anna and her team care about the business and also care about you. It was so enjoyable working with Launch Pad. If I ever had an issue they took care of it. Customer service is top of mind. The quality of experts on Anna’s team is also impressive. I could not have had a better experience."

Katie DePaola, Founder, Inner Glow Circle Coaching

"I had an incredible experience working with Launch Pad. From editing to launch, they were reliable, supportive, reassuring and thorough. Anna and her team know what they’re doing. I highly recommend the LP team."

Darren Prince, Founder, Prince Marketing Group

"Within weeks of my book coming out, I was able to get a get $100,000-a-year spokesperson gig. It’s also helped my company because it shows every corporate client who I am and that I’m proud of my journey. It humanizes me so much and transforms a business conversation into a personal one. None of this would have happened without Anna and Launch Pad."

Joe Polish, Founder, Genius Network

"Using emails and posts I had already written, Anna and her team crafted a full-length manuscript, quickly delivering to me an amazing book with a beautiful cover, layout and message. I literally ‘wrote’ a book without having to write a new word and now I have an ideal calling card that perfectly encompasses all my most important beliefs."

Jaydee Graham, Founder of The Soul Grind Community

"The best decision I could have made for my publishing process. Anna and her team are the fierce and authentic ingredients to make not only the process but your book a success."

Tim Conn, President and Co-Founder of Image One USA

"What an amazing experience from start to finish. I couldn’t have asked for a smoother process; the team is nothing but professional and I have them to thank for taking the dream of a book to a reality. If you’ve ever thought about writing a book but didn’t know where to start, I would strongly recommend contacting Launch Pad and letting them show you the way."