Isn't It Time You Finally Got Your Memoir Written?


Well, you can.

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How to Write a Memoir



You’ve probably started writing your memoir.

Or you’ve at least toyed with the idea of starting. Perhaps you’ve started and stopped and started again. Maybe you’re in the middle or even at the end.

And you don’t know what to do next. 

This course is here to show you. It’s a collection of eight videos, mp3s and Power Points that will give you exactly the information you need to finally get that book out of your head and onto the page.


Who's telling you all of this?

My name is Anna David and I'm a New York Times bestselling author of eight books who transforms entrepreneurial thought leaders into bestselling authors so they can attract higher-quality clients, become go-to media sources, land speaking gigs and grow into being the leaders in their field.

I've written for The New York Times, Time and The LA Times, as well as many publications without the word “Time” in their title. I've appeared repeatedly on The Today Show, Good Morning America, The Talk and The CBS Morning Show, among others, been written about in publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur and Women’s Health and been a featured speaker at three different TEDx events.

Most relevantly for you, I excel at getting aspiring writers where they want to go.

Here's why I created this course: When people realize they need help writing their books, they often reach out to my company. We're booked for the next year. And because our writing and publishing packages range from $30,000-$60,000, we simply wouldn't have been a realistic option anyway.

So they spend months, if not years, trying to figure out how to write their books. They get overwhelmed when they see the conflicting information out there. Maybe they do end up with a first draft. But it takes way too long and frankly, it's usually a mess. Plus, they never figured out how to build an audience for their book or exactly why they wanted to do a book in the first place. And so they shelve the whole thing or—even worse—release it, the whole time knowing it's not good. In short, they let the "successful writer" dream die.

That's not because they don't have what it takes. It's because they've gone about it the wrong way. They thought "I'll just see what flows out of me." They never sat down to figure out a format and structure that could make the process simple and they never developed a game plan for the process.

This course is the difference between you trying to write your book and you actually finishing it.

It includes the exact structure I followed to write my New York Times bestselling book, which is also the structure we follow for our books at Launch Pad.

But perhaps more importantly, it includes what successful writers know about how to find both their "why" and an audience. This method has helped our clients add half a million dollars to their annual bottom line, have their books optioned for films and get on shows like The Doctors and Today


What I'm teaching in this course is an evergreen structure and process. I followed it a decade ago and I followed it for my most recent book, Make Your Mess Your Memoir. On the Make Your Mess release day, the book had over 100 Amazon reviews and was the number one bestselling spot in 10 categories. The next week, I was asked to appear on Good Morning America to discuss it. Since its July 2020 release, that book has brought in over six figures for my company from clients who wanted to work with me after reading or hearing about it.

You can have similar results if you follow what's in here. But the end hasn't been written. You have to do the work to get the happy ending you want.


8 Video Lessons, MP3s and documents focusing on...

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  • The what (whether or not to go traditional, self or hybrid and what your topic should be)
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  • The why (why anyone should write a book and why YOU should)
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  • The who (discovering who your audience is and how you can enlarge it)
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  • The how (including structure and advice on scene selection) and what each chapter should contain
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  • Questions to ask yourself to come up with scenes for each chapter
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  • The 2 writer pitfalls you HAVE to avoid PDF


  • The cheat sheet for combatting imposter syndrome
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"Getting guidance from Anna on how to write my memoir has changed the game for me and in turn cultivated unspeakable confidence; I now feel like I can share my work." - Korey Pollard

"When it comes to writing and publishing a memoir, Anna David knows her stuff. I lean in to learn from her."

-Catherine Just



8 videos, MP3s and PowerPoints 

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  • Everything you need to start, write and finish a memoir following the exact structure I used to write my New York Times bestseller

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