Post Book Promo Package

Let us help you use your book to amplify your presence in the public square

Okay, so you released your book. It was a bestseller. You're reaping the rewards. But then you're starting to wonder, "Could I make even more of this?"

Why, yes you can. This is a unique offering for authors who want their books to be their mouthpiece and promotion machine for the next year. 
This ongoing content creation and branding package helps authors capitalize on the success of their books to grow their businesses even more. It's the ideal foundation for the next—more public—phase of a career.

Welcome to our Post Book Promo Package

"A couple of hours with Launch Pad could probably save you a year of mistakes. If I’d know them when embarking on a writing career, it would have helped me avoid many embarrassing mistakes and a lot of frustration. If you're serious about achieving your dreams when it comes to your book, working with them is a no-brainer."

Steve Costello
Author & CEO, The Oracles


-2 consultations with you followed by approaches on your behalf to organizations and companies that can order bulk copies of your book and have you speak, as well as pitches to local media so the companies are incentivized to bring you in and both you and those organizations receive press [CONSULTATION 1 OCCURS IN MONTH 1/APPROACHES WILL BE MADE OVER THE FOLLOWING 6 MONTHS; CONSULTATION 2 OCCURS IN MONTH 6/APPROACHES WILL BE MADE OVER THE FOLLOWING 6 MONTHS]
- 3 professionally edited blog posts a month containing content from your book and/or written versions of your previously created content for you to post on LinkedIn, Facebook, Medium or wherever your ideal audience lives
- 2 reports for you to use as  "lead magnets" for an email list—written and edited interviews with you that also contain any of your IP and/or relevant photos, professionally laid out [1 DURING MONTH 1, 1 DURING MONTH 9]
- 1 mid-year sales accelerant of the book where we will discount your book and submit it to paid newsletter services that will promote it and drive it back to the top of the bestseller lists and thus greatly increase the chance of your ideal customer/client/reader discovering it and you [MONTH 8]
-One year of one-on-one access to Anna David for any questions that arise on media, promotion and publishing
-Complete access to our entire curriculum on how writers can build their audiences


Just contact Anna directly for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you sign up, we will begin working on our multi-pronged approach. This starts with you or one of your team members providing us with all pre-existing content that we can convert into blogs and posts (if no such content exists, we can use your book as the material but the more we have at our disposal, the better we're going to be able to create compelling posts). During the first month, we will deliver our first blog post, the full "lead magnet" report and connect you with the team member who will begin the process of booking you on podcasts.

Every month that follows for the full year will be the same minus the lead magnet report—2 podcast interviews, 2 blog posts.

Halfway through the process, we will launch your sales accelerant program (see Q&A below!)

This is a promo that we highly recommend all authors employ; it's just a bit labor-intensive, which is why we take care of it for you. The way it works is we lower the cost of your e-book, for a brief period of time, to 99 cents or free. During that window, we drive hundreds of thousands of eyeballs to the book—through a series of newsletters that cater to people seeking free ebooks and other promotion tools. The goal is to get your book back up to the #1 spot in its categories and thus greatly increase the chances of your ideal client or customer finding it—and you.

If, within the first 30 days, you decide this isn't a service you like or need, you can cancel the contract then. We only want to serve you in this way if it's beneficial for you!


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