A book is the ultimate symbol of your success.

It's also the best way for you to build on it. So let's get your book out there.

Stand Out From the Competition

Hit the Top of the Speaking Circuit

Become the Media's Go-To Expert

We work with some of the most successful people in the world.

Then we launch them to the next level.


"The book Launch Pad did for me made me into a brand. A month after it came out, I was meeting with Lions Gate about doing a TV show based on my life."

Darren Prince
Prince Marketing Group

"I couldn't put a price tag on the credibility the book has given me. Being able to put 'author' next to my name has changed everything. People just start paying attention to you when you've published a book. "

Emily Lynn Paulson
Recovery coach

100% of our clients have become #1 bestselling authors.

Their books have been featured on The Doctors and Tucker Carlson Tonight, among many others, as well as on podcasts hosted by Lewis Howes, Jordan Harbinger and more.



You are someone who has made it to the top and while your bank account may show it, you'd still like to be the main voice in your field—not only so you can share your experiences but also so you can attract the highest caliber clients and business partners. 

Through a series of phone calls spaced out according to your schedule, we research, write, edit and launch a full-length book entirely in your voice and with your byline.


We are a team who have, between us, written and published dozens of books that have helped the world's top entrepreneurs land more speaking gigs, better business opportunities and a lot of media. Helmed by New York Times and #1 Amazon bestselling author Anna David, Launch Pad prides itself on creating books that are indistinguishable from traditional "Big Five" publishing.

We're not a mass production outlet that releases hundreds of books a year but a small group of longtime publishing professionals who work only with an elite group of clients whose values and goals align with ours.

This belief system has transformed our clients’ lives—as well as their businesses.


What Did Anna Tell KTLA About the Launch Pad Mission?

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