A book is the ultimate symbol of your success. It's also the best way for you to build on it.

So let's get yours out there.

Everyone’s telling you that you need to write a book. They're also telling you how you should go about it.
We're here to tell you the truth.
And the truth is that your book is probably not going to hit The New York Times bestseller list or get you on Ellen. You probably won't even make a lot of money from book sales.
Now here's the good news: you can make a lot of money from having a book. It can put you in a different category by making you an expert and  leader in your field. In short, you can gain the sort of credibility that may have you asking, "Ellen who?"
We are a team who have, between us, written and published dozens of books that have helped our clients get more speaking gigs, better business opportunities and a lot of media. Helmed by New York Times and #1 Amazon bestselling author Anna David, Launch Pad prides itself on creating books that are indistinguishable from traditional "Big Five" publishing.

And you? You're passionate, powerful and want to be of service. You're someone who needs to be heard—and you know it. You want to turn your thoughts and experiences into a bestselling book so you can be a leader in your industry, land new business and leave a legacy. 

The problem is you have no idea how to start because you’ve been flooded with opinions and advice. Meanwhile, your book is still sitting inside of you and you don’t want to be in this same position a year from now.
Through a series of phone calls spaced out according to your schedule, we research, write, edit and launch a full-length book entirely in your voice and with your byline.
We're not a mass production outlet that releases hundreds of books a year but a small group of longtime publishing professionals who work only with an elite group of clients whose values and goals align with ours.


What Did Anna Tell KTLA About the Launch Pad Mission?


"Prior to the tools, resources, and wisdom provided by Launch Pad, I had written a book but felt overwhelmed with analysis paralysis regarding much of the publishing aspects of being an author. In less than a year of working with Anna at Launch Pad, I've reformatted and relaunched my first book, hitting #1 Bestseller in three categories and #1 New Release in nine categories. I'm also well on my way to completing my second book. Anna and her team will simplify everything about the writing and publishing process for you. Writing and publishing doesn't have to take years, or be overwhelming or frustrating. It truly can be fun when you have the best guides leading you on your creative journey. Highly recommend!"

Heidi Le Flemons
Singer/Songwriter & Author

"If people read my books, they’ll buy my products. We have a relationship. They just took you into their bedroom or bathroom. They feel like they know you."

JJ Virgin
Four-time New York Times bestselling author, Certified Nutrition Specialist

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